Friday, 8 August 2014

Golden Electric Blue EOTD

So I managed to get some free time to do a quick EOTD!

I felt inspired by the blue in the previous guest post from Annie (check the post here) but teamed it with a neutral golden eyeshadow instead, with just a pop of blue on the lower lash line with electric blue on the waterline.. Hope you enjoy and feel inspired <3

Products used:
> UDPP - Eden
> Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette - Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Champagne Truffle

> Illamasqua Neutral Quad palette - all colours used
> Motives Mineral Gel eyeliner - Little Black Dress
> Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils - Perversion, Electric, Ransom & Deviant 

> Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet mascara
> LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer - Creamy Beige
> Eldora False Eyelashes - H151

After priming the eyes, I buffed Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette into my crease, blending upwards. I intensified the crease using Wolf and Obsidian from the Illamasqua Neutral palette, followed by patting on Vintage to the middle of the eyelid and Creme Brulee from the Chocolate Bar palette further inwards. I highlighted the inner corner of the eye with Champagne Truffle and the brow bone with White Chocolate and Stealth from the Neutral palette.

I decided to not go with my usual eyeliner extended flick style, and kept the wing short using Motives Gel Eyeliner in LBD.
I then lined the inner top waterline with Perversion eye pencil and the bottom with Electric. I then used a mixture of Ransom & Deviant on the lower lashline, blending slightly down.

To finish the look I concealed around the eye area with LA Girl Pro Conceal in Creamy Beige and applied Eldora False Eyelashes in H151, using the Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara to blend the lashes and slightly coat the bottom lashes.

I hope you enjoyed this look, hopefully next time I get to do a full FOTD! 
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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tuesday Takeover: Epiphannie A

Hi my loves,

It's been a while since I've posted but I promise to be back soon! 
In the mean time I asked the lovely Annie (of Epiphannie A) to write a guest post for me. Annie is another great blogger and friend (who also attended one of my masterclasses, and blew me away with her makeup skills may I add) and she happily took this opportunity to conjure a gorgeous bright makeup look perfect for this hot summer we're having this year! Hope you enjoy the post and do check out her blog too <3

Sleek Rio Rio Palette
Hey everyone!!

I’m Annie from Epiphannie A and let me just start off by saying that I’m so grateful that Safiyah has allowed me to have some room on her blog today – I actually feel really special – I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to talk about but I just knew that I wanted it to appear natural and fit in seamlessly with the tone of this blog . . . which is why I’ve decided to opt for a makeup tutorial (despite the fact that I haven’t post a makeup look in AGES!!).

For this tutorial, I will be using the recently released Sleek Rio Rio Divine Palette which is a gorgeous palette filled with highly pigmented, tropical shades mixed with tuned down champagne shades

1)    I start off by blending Tropics; a matte orange-brown shadow shade, in and above my crease to act as my transitional colour.

2)    Once I’m happy with the way that looks, I pat a bit of Leme; dark royal blue, into the inner corners and outer corners of my eyes, leaving the inner section of my eyelid free for my to add Cachaca; a silver eye shadow.

3)    As I want this look to have a bit of tropical feel, I’m going to go over Cahaca with a lime green eye shadow aka Caipirinha

4)    I’m now going to add Leblon (matte black) eye shadow into my vee area to give my look a bit of definition

5)    Once that’s all done, a spot of eyeliner and false lashes are all you need to complete this look.

I really hope you enjoy this tutorial as I have had a lot of fun making it. Don’t forget to visit on my blog – I’m really fun (On certain days of the week lol)

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Swatches: Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid - Forbidden

Hello my lovelies!

Last month I posted a picture on my Instagram page of the new Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid from the Summer 2014 "Matte Effect" collection and I've had a play around with it and absolutely love it!
I have to say I was a bit worried at first about the shade Forbidden as it seemed very cool toned for my dark/pigmented lips; but after trying Luster from the previous Illamasqua Glamore collection (blog post here), I've been more drawn to these cooler toned shades as I've been wearing them by blending the coolness away with my fingertips, which helps make the product look less pastel-like on my pigmented lips, as you can see in the swatch below.
Colour & Pigmentation: "Forbidden" is described as a "sensual pink" which is most definitely a cool toned pink. There's no doubt the Matte Lip Liquid is highly concentrated and pigmented.. a little goes a long way, particularly when I'm using it blended with my finger.
Texture: The texture of this product is fairly thick, which means less is more. On application the Matte Lip Liquid feels creamy, but once the product sets, there can be a slight dry feel to it. I always use lip balm and tissue off excess before wearing matte lip products to eliminate any discomfort.
Packaging: I like the fact that the Matte Lip Liquid has a brush applicator, however I'm more of a fan of squeezy tubes for hygiene/kit purposes, or for a product like this, I'd prefer a more precise applicator
Longevity: This product is actually probably the most long wearing lip colour I own.. which is saying something as I have a tonne of lip products! The fact that it is matte definitely helps with longevity, but I've eaten fairly oily foods with this product on the lips and it still manages to keep its colour on the lips once I'm done eating!
Scent: There's a faint vanilla/sweet smell to the product that I have to say I love too.
Price: At £18.50, this lip product is more on the pricey side, however if you're a fan of long wearing products like I am, it's worth investing in, not to mention the fact I wear the product thinly, so use much less than a usual lipgloss etc.

FrootiFactor: I have to say this product pleasantly surprised me as it is a lovely shade of pink, smells sweet and barely requires touch ups even after eating (which is handy with a baby now, as I rarely have time to check my makeup!)
I'd give this product a 4.5 out of 5, purely because I'd prefer a different applicator; I do love this product though and would love to see more shades as with the satin lipsticks, so I hope Illamasqua continue making more amazing products!
The new Matte Effect collection for Summer includes the Matte Lip Liquid in 3 shades, Velvet Blushers in 4 shades (one a web exclusive), a new Matte Veil primer/base, and a Matte Top Coat nail varnish.
All are available at or at Debenhams.

What do you think of the Matte Lip Liquids? Have you tried any of the products from the Summer 2014 Matte Effect collection?
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Sunday Swatches: Urban Decay Super Saturated Cream Eyeliner Review

As soon as I saw Urban Decay release the information about a new range of "Perversion" eyeliners, I knew I had to try at least one from the collection and I had my eyes set on the new Perversion Super Saturated Ultra Intense Cream Eyeliner; seeing as these names are getting more and more lengthier, I shall abbreviate this product to: SSUICE.
Currently, my most used black eyeliner for makeup looks is the Inglot AMC gel eyeliner, which I haven't found a darker/blacker eyeliner than, to date. Naturally, having tried the Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Perversion, I was interested to compare this SSUICE to the Inglot one.

Also, being a true Urban Junkie, I also wondered if the new Cream Eyeliner compared to the old Ink For Eyes Cream Eyeliner, which came in a long thin package with a small angled liner brush (pic here courtesy of Cosmetic Candy). I have to say I still use this brush for my brows and eyeliner as I haven't found a thinner brush yet, so I also wanted to see how the new Perversion Angled Brush compared.

Unfortunately the SSUICE doesn't come with a brush, however Urban Decay have released a new liner brush (the Perversion Angled Brush, £12) especially for use with the SSUICE and thankfully it's angled which I find is the easiest brush to use.

SSUICE swatched with the Perversion Angled Brush (bottom two) and old Ink For Eyes brush (top)
As you can see, the top swatch is the thinnest which was done with the old Ink For Eyes brush (comparison below). The bottom swatch is done with the brush as is; straight out of the packaging, whilst the middle swatch is done with the brush pressed together with a makeup wipe, which allows a thinner line to be achieved.
I took a picture of the new Perversion Angled Brush thickness (pressed together) versus the old Ink For Eyes brush for comparison, and the Perversion brush is thicker on the shorter angled end as well as being shorter in overall width:
left: Perversion Angled Brush; right: Ink For Eyes Brush

Swatched in comparison to the Inglot AMC Gel liner:
top: Inglot AMC Gel liner; bottom: Urban Decay Cream liner
Colour & Pigmentation: The SSUICE is indeed a very dark black, however compared to the Inglot AMC Gel liner, it seems more browner in colour. Pigmentation wise, the Inglot Gel liner is definitely more pigmented, whilst the Urban Decay SSUICE is more thinner/creamier in consistency, which is probably why it seems browner in colour when swatched.
Texture: The texture of this product is supremely silky and glides on beautifully with a slight sheen finish.
Packaging: The packaging is definitely a massive improvement to the old plastic Urban Decay Ink For Eyes; the glass pot and gunmetal lid certainly have a more luxurious and classy feel. The Perversion Brush also has a different appearance to the rest of the brushes by Urban Decay as it is black in colour and also has a soft touch handle which is more comfortable to use.
Longevity: The SSUICE lasts pretty long as expected from a waterproof product from Urban Decay; the swatch itself had to be scrubbed off with a makeup wipe, but thankfully it comes off with ease using an oily makeup remover.
Price: At £16, the SSUICE is £1 more than the MAC Fluidline Gel liner, or £6 more than the Inglot AMC Gel liner. The Perversion Angled Brush is reasonably priced at £12 for a one off investment that can be used with other gel/cream liners.

FrootiFactor: Overall, I'd give both the Super Saturated Ultra Intense Cream Eyeliner and the Perversion Angled Brush a 3.5 out of 5:
The Cream Eyeliner and Perversion Angled Brush are available to buy from the following retailers: Debenhams and House Of Fraser and online at Feel Unique and BeautyBay.

What do you think of these additions to Urban Decay? Do you prefer pencils or pots to apply eyeliner?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Caesarian Staples

So as you may or may not know, I recently gave birth to my little baby boy and have decided to add a parent/mummy/baby blogging section, where I hope to write helpful posts and reviews of products.

I cannot believe how fast time has already flown and getting to know him is an amazing and exciting experience for me, despite the initial sleepless nights!

I've been more up to date with posting quick little pictures on my Instagram, and if you follow me you may have seen my quick "instablogpost" on my "hospital bag essentials", which I will now rename as "Caesarean staples".
I thought I would do an official blog post here on the blog for those who may want to refer back to this post for future reference, but essentially I'll be repeating what I wrote on my Instagram picture:
I had a planned (elective) caesarean, so of course I had time to prepare and some of the products I recommend here may not be suitable for a natural birth, so bear this in mind!

In true MUA/bblogger style I had to of course try and look my best for my delivery with bare minimal products as you're not actually allowed makeup as they need to monitor your skin colour whilst operating; so that meant to me that face products like foundation, bronzer/highlight, blush etc were a no-no.

The midwife did say I looked "far too glam to be having a baby" but she clearly didn't know she was speaking to a makeup addict haha.

So these are my basic staples with links of where to buy them (mainly Boots links below):
  • Carmex/lip balm - hospitals are very warm places and dry out your skin especially the lips as you get so thirsty; any lip balm in stick form is ideal so you're not faffing around with fingers once baby is born! If you want a 2 in 1 rather than using a separate colour for the lips, the Moisture Plus Tints will probably serve you best. 
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip stain - I wanted something that lasts much longer even after drinking etc, so I applied some of this lip stain whenever I wanted to perk up a bit for hospital visitors too.
  • Benefit Fake Up concealer - This hydrates the eye area and conceals in one; again, the hot hospital air can affect your skin hydration and depending on how long you're in the hospital for, you may need something quick to hydrate and conceal in one go, particularly with the sleepless nights! (More suited to C-Sections)
  • Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer - for more coverage and longer lasting power or to top up your under eye/face areas (if needed). I prefer the Double Wear High Cover concealer (available at Debenhams) as it has a drier texture so sticks better to the skin or on top of the Benefit Fake Up. (More suited to Natural Births)
  • Maybelline Big Eyes/Waterproof mascara - a good waterproof mascara will last long through tears (or sweat if natural birth!) and this particular one can coat top and bottom lashes. The best waterproof mascara I've tried to date is the Urban Decay Cannonball mascara, review here.
  • Kiko Eyebrow Marker - a quick and easy application without looking too overdone; also doesn't smudge or stain.
And there you have it; my most essential products I'd recommend. I'd also suggest going for multitasking products like cheek and lip tints or cream blushers so that you can add a bit of colour to your cheeks and lips for photos after birth if you wanted!

Any mums out there who had some beauty essentials they couldn't live without? Would love to make a collective list!